What’s Your Story?

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I’m thinking of documenting my experience with the (f)Law of Attraction in the form of a book.

If you would like to add your story, I would love to hear from you. Your anonymity is guaranteed, as is anyone mentioned in your story. No real names will be mentioned in the book. The point is not to “get back” or “get even” with another person or organization; rather, it is to inform the millions out there to whom this has happened (or is happening) that there is life beyond this particular chapter in the story.

Our stories are familiar to many, but we tend to hide behind the mantle of shame (I can’t believe this happened to me….). It’s time to step out and step up. Let’s help others learn from our experiences!

Click here to contact me and to get your story out there.

Thanks to those who visit, read, and register at this site!

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