For those of you who have been following this blog, you may recall financial stress.

My best-kept secret was that on April 19, 2011 I declared bankruptcy.

The direct cause-and-effect event that led me there was an “intentional wealth” course that I took back in 2007.  When all investments purchased through this group started to fail in 2009, I was told by the CFO to “keep the faith” and “stay positive” — because your mindset effects all things universal.

By the time I declared bankruptcy, I was financially demolished. I had amassed a huge debt (amassed on the recommendation of these “intentional wealth” gurus), and the government put me through every possible level of scrutiny.

A standard first bankruptcy in Canada is typically nine months and includes two mandatory counselling sessions. If you follow all the rules, if are genuinely “poor,” and if your debt is less non-tax related and under $200,000 you are officially relieved of you non-secured debts (typically, credit card debts and line of credit). In this process, you might be asked to meet with your creditors (rare, especially given the growing number of bankruptcies these days) and/or submit yourself to an examination by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB).

In my case, I was genuinely poor (no income) and followed all the rules. The creditors did not request a meeting. But I was interviewed by the Superintendent’s office. This interview, to my understanding, is a rare occurrence, especially when none of the creditors came forward with any objections or concerns.

Also, when things were supposed to be wrapping up (in the ninth month, just before Christmas time), I received a call from my trustee, saying that the OSB was opposing my release, scheduled for January 20th.  This floored me. I cried for days. I had done all I was supposed to do, I had lived for years with financial stress and uncertainty, and now, once again, the ground was shifting under my feet. And there was nothing I could do about it.

In the end, I talked with a male lawyer friend who referred me to a female lawyer who deals in bankruptcy. She informed me that nine times out of ten, the courts follow the recommendation of the Trustee. She felt it irresponsible to take my money ($4K plus taxes) with those odds stacked against me. That, and my situation was rather extreme. She suspected that the opposition came from the Superintendent, to make an example out of me. I think the Superintendent would rather wring the necks of these “intentional wealth” courses, but can only get their hands on the result-holders such as myself.

So I resigned myself to worst-case scenario: the continuation in bankruptcy for another 12 months. But not silently, not without a word. In consulting the lawyer, she told me the one (most important) thing that the trustee neglected to mention, which was that I have the right to make a statement in court, and argue my defense.

In my sleepless nights, I read and re-read the bankruptcy act. And the more I read it, the more I felt that I should be able to get a judgement in my favour. Yes, in spite of the lawyer’s assessment.

So I prepared my defense, ran through it several times with several people including my mastermind group, modified it, and then filed it with the courts. Again, something I had to figure out for myself.

On February 2 at 12:15 I stood before “Master” McCallum of the BC Supreme Court in Victoria. I heard the trustees submission, and while the trustee’s information was accurate, it was incomplete. You see the process here in Canada is good at figuring out the WHAT, but not the WHY. When it was my turn, I refered to the 6-page document I pre-submitted to the courts (with 17 pages of Appendices), and I read my pre-written 1.5 page conclusion to the court.

After I answered a few of the Master’s probing questions, and after the trustee stated that I would in all likelihood never re-offend (for which I was profoundly grateful), I was granted an immediate discharge, effective immediately.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting the documentation (including references) of what I presented in court.

In my opinion, trustees do an okay job representing all three parties: the bankrupt, the creditor and the government. But like all human beings, we always do what’s in our own interest first.

My trustee was a good man. I quite liked him as a person. That he neglected to tell me crucial information (that my release would probably be opposed given the scope of my debt, that I could oppose their objection, that I could seek legal council and that I could prepare and present a written statement to the courts) was probably unintentional, not malicious. Given his mastery on the subject, to him it was probably too obvious to mention. Given my newness to the system, to me is was not. I was fortunate that I had a lawyer friend. I was fortunate that I spoke with him (many bankrupts stay silent because of the profound shame that comes with the package). I was fortunate that I can write and argue well. I was fortunate that I have a mastermind team to bounce my documents around with.

But I was left to figure out all this legal stuff by myself.

Closing your eyes and having a good attitude and hoping to hell that your good universal vibes will see that all ends well is akin to begging for disaster. It’s what the CFO of the “intentional wealth” organization recommended I do when the investments started to collapse. And look at where that got me!

It was the bullshit law of attraction that got me into this mess; it will be good-old-fashion ME getting myself out.

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Good luck with it all, Britt.

Well done too, for writing this extended “testimonial”. These kinds of stories have to get told more often, even though it opens you to attack from both sides – those who say “I would never have been fooled” and those who say “you manifested it yourself”.

Personally I have even less tolerance for the former.

March 4th, 2012 at 5:11 pm

Thanks Yakaru. Yep, I’m fully aware that I’m open to attack, exactly as you mentioned. In hindsight, I wouldn’t do it again either, and I’d be smarter than myself. And yes, it could well be my negative thoughts that brought me here. It is what gets kids raped by their fathers too.

Kidding aside, my big push on “accountability” is the two-sided nature of the value. The people who “posed” as my teachers had a responsibility to me, which was to be accurate in their information and ethical in their sales. They failed on both counts. My error was in deferring to their authority.

Their error depended on their integrity; mine depended on a societal structure that advocates being open to unlearning what you know and re-learning new things from someone smarter than you.

Unbenownst to me was that I was actually smarter to them from the get go. When I deferred to their authority, I was actually stepping down a notch. No wait. I tumbled down a rabbit hole. But not the one that leads to a metaphysical god with deep pockets full of gold, ready to share with those who dare tumble this far. I wish. Grin.

Thanks for contributing Yakaru! You’re a great blogger and a wonderfully likeminded soul. People, check his blog out!

March 4th, 2012 at 5:56 pm

I never had much to do with this financial stuff, but it certainly is no meritocracy. Their place in the hierarchy seems to suggest that they have mastered the subject matter they are teaching, as does their (apparent) wealth.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve been shocked to find out what a bunch of ruthless scammers this mob are, and I was already completely cynical about them as it was.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment, and all the exchanges!

March 6th, 2012 at 10:30 am

Hi, Just commenting on something you said in your post in reply to Yakaru (above). Thats it! Great. I came to this point too, -via a comment from a friend. Id already seen the law of attraction as creepy- as its a selfish thing dressed up as spiritual. There’s a lot of that about at present. ‘Get rich quick’ schemes, which though mostly hopeless, are at least honest in what they are saying- ion the older versions. But the law of attraction is a way of HIDING that self-centered intention in a supposed spiritual law. Anyway- I digress! – You said above “thats what gets kids raped by thier fathers”, referring to thier negative thinking. Bravo! that was the thing that hit the nail more precisely on the head for me when a friend said ” I dont believe that law of attraction stuff. I dont think kids CAUSE themselves to get raped by adults”. Of course! Garbage. And wow- how perfect is it? — If any bad things happen to anyone, you can jump ship and remain ALWAYS not-responsible, because it was caused by thier negative thinking. The proposition is absurd, when you face the child molestation thing. Also- fact is- more selfishly, I cant be bothered with people who are into that, for they become awful. cruel. Had a bad time of that. And whats the most awful, is the dressing-up of it as ‘ spiritual’. Ouch. Hairs on the back of your neck go twitch-in. For me anyway. Lived in Byron Bay for 3 years, here in Australia ( where Byron Katie hangs out). the Australian center for such skulduggery. There was a lot of “You need to love yourself more” said – when you had a problem. Id find myself saying “Thanks”, but feeling kind of weird, feeling obliged to say thinks, but feeling awful,. I laugh now, as I know what it really is – Its “p..s off” said in pseudo-spiritual language. Like “Go and love yourself”. (Ha). In other words also, its like “were not gonna do it- YOU go love yourself”. It took ages, that seductive talk twisted my brain, and it took a while to see what that statement really means. You can get out of helping someone, and sound spiritual at the same time! Beauty, Double winner!. I get simple down to earth offers of help from even the most yobbo ((redneck) types here, that I never recieved from those ‘spiritual” Byron people. They were, in REAL terms , useless. Ordinary folks -when you present them with a problem, try to help, thats the truth. That other stuff is so self-centered, that they dont help- they give you ‘spiritual’ claptrap talk, and leave you high and dry , to ” go love yourself”.. (Think of what that is a re- doing of- that saying. i dont want to use the f… word here. But I realized, -belly laugh- thats what it is!! A clever way to say that saying, ‘G0…..! ” And get away with it. Crack up .anyway, I’m book marking your work here, all the best, Sooz

May 5th, 2013 at 2:33 am

Britt, I want to say a big thank you especially about the posts about so many guru figures today. I was thinking about attending a BK course here in Oz but on seeing the cost of her 28 day course/training inthe US I strted to feel very uncomfortable, the same feelings I got from the works of others
like EckartTolle, Deepak Chopra, Dr phil Mcgraw allwho over theyears seem to have money as their big goal and not really to help others understand their own need to make decisons based on thier individiual gut feelings. Congratulations on your legal presentations being a single woman who seems to have done this all her life to the critiscm of so called loving family and friends. Yet looking back Im the one who is at heart the freeist and most at peacewith herself so my current hiccup I’llk sort out myself. Many thanks for your blog

May 2nd, 2018 at 6:03 pm

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