The Law of Attraction Is Not Immutable

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The Law of Attraction is NOT immutable. Immutable means you can’t help but do it. Like gravity, when you get up in the morning. And there is no G/D lag time, even though the movie “The Secret” says there is. Imagine putting the law of gravity on hold while the universe makes sure of your intention? That’s as inane as pigs flying. An immutable law just “is”; there are no secrets to it, and you shouldn’t have to pay to use it.

Yet, many sites claim that the law of attraction is immutable. Because it sounds good. It sounds authoritative.

  • http_://www.abundance-and-happiness.com/law-of-attraction.html says “The Law Of Attraction, like all other Universal Laws, cannot be changed or manipulated by anyone. Just like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction is constantly at work and never rests.”
  • http_://www.mindpowernews.com/LawOfAttraction.htm is titled “How to Properly Use the Law of Attraction” … which of course begs the question, if a law is immutable, there is no proper (or improper) use of it. Imagine a book called “How to properly apply the Law of Gravity when you get up each morning.” (Then they also go and use mind-boggling terms like quantum physics, a concept that even quantum physicists don’t fully understand.)
  • http_://www.mindforceattraction.com/ says let me add you to my membership list and I’ll give you the free secrets to this immutable Law of Attraction.

Just do a quick search for yourself, and see what comes up.(The above links are broken because I don’t want to feed the the search engine frenzy by linking to these sites. Copy and paste and remove the “_” if you want to check it out for yourself.)

An interesting critique comes from a fellow who calls himself Lord Matt from the UK. He’s got an article called “The 7 flaws of the Law of Attraction.” Below is summary of his stuff, but I do strongly suggest that you check it out for yourself (as with everything).

The 7 flaws of “the law of attraction” (abridged version)

The “law of attraction” is at best flawed and at worst a cleaver trick. Once you become aware of the misdirection you will be free to understand and less likely to be taken in.

  1. The “law of attraction” has been called a “law” but a law requires and authority to enforce it or it must be immutable. That is it must be inflexible and unmoving. The law of gravity is one such immutable law while the law against murder has authority to back it up.
  2. It is never directly called a principle but it is described as if it were one. This suggests to me a marketing ploy as no promises that can be tested need ever be truly made while at the same time it promises everything for the price of hearing the teaching or reading the book.
  3. It is a redressing of an 1960’s “new age” / “cult” following on the topic of “the sleeping god” where people were encouraged to awaken the god within themselves.
  4. Why is so much money being pumped into “selling” this idea? Who feels that they have so much to gain from “selling you the idea”? Unless they collect the money from the sale…
  5. It plays on human greed – “have whatever you want”. The best advertising often does. By convincing your target that they can have whatever they want the price you charge seems tiny.
  6. “If you fear it you make it happen by thinking about it”, or so they claim. Fear is a self fulfilling prophecy or at least it can be so in this they are somewhat right in that when it takes hold of your life your own strong and controlling feelings set you on a course for that fear to happen. But there is a lot more at play than just pure thought.
  7. Consider the overt similarity to the law of sowing and reaping which matches the physics law of cause and effect. However this “law” claims to being to change reality by dint of mental effort.

He goes into greater detail on his blog. Check him out at http://lordmatt.co.uk/item/782/

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