The biggest hoax of our time

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The “Law of Attraction” has, um, attracted many famous mouthpieces. The most famous by far would be Empress O Herself, whose lips have launched the careers of many of those famous gurus featured in The Secret. Including James Arthur Ray, Jack Canfield, Reverend Michael Beckwith and the like. And, of course, Rhonda Byrne, author of this finely lifted work.

I think this is the most horrific actualization of the Emperor’s New Clothes. We’re all so darned busy nodding our heads and softly murmuring about Her fine philosophies of God, pasting thin smiles on our faces lest we be struck by the mainstays of life (like suffering and death), that no one dares to point out that she is naked.

In the American Declaration of Independence it is written that man (sic) has the inalienable right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This line is actually lifted from the British John Locke’s 1690 document, the  “Second Treaty of Civil Government” where he claimed that every man (sic) was entitled to “life, liberty and property.”

The American Dream born from this concept where property, or more broadly, the possession of stuff, is the path to happiness. We’ve become so frenzied with that notion of happiness that it’s become almost like a new religion (actually, it’s two newish-old ones, the Church of New Thought merged with Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science).

And what do all it’s Preachers preach?

That good thoughts lead to money which in turn brings you happiness which is your God-given right as a human being. And yes, God lurks heavily in their gospel, but as a by-product of wealth.

And so we’re all busy paying the gurus, I mean Preachers, so that we can learn how to “think the right thoughts” so that we can earn our money and find our way to God Himself (sic). Meanwhile, we’re doing nothing to make the world a better place to live.

We’re smiling ourselves to death, kidding ourselves about the stylish mantle of success they have us believe they are wearing (isn’t it a little suspicious that each of them teaches the cornerstone of deception by encouraging everyone to walk the walk and talk the talk, to act “as if” even before they’ve achieved their goal? doesn’t that smack of a lack of integrity?). And when we find ourselves thinking critically — I mean negatively — we silent smack our souls back into place and smile. Stupidly.

I for one am stepping away from the admiring masses throwing money at the gurus as they parade naked down the street. I am in good company (see the blogroll). We’re a small group, but we’re wise.

James Arthur Ray is showing his true colours these days. Accountability? None, it’s the poisonous fumes in the sand.

But we don’t need the deaths of people to reveal the truth here folks. Just an open eye and a child that points out that the Emperor is indeed naked.

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The people you write about are criminals. However, psychic phenomenon does exist. I have experienced it. I agree with what you say about the secret-a scam.

September 27th, 2017 at 8:22 am

Yes, it is a hoax. So is channeling. In my opinion some psychic things are real but not that. Two people to stay away from, and their website, are “psychic channeler” “Diandra” and her 30+ years younger “partner” “Batavia.” The website is “Inward Journey-gateway to expansion.” It is the usual law of attraction plus light and love nonsense from outer space creatures. I was once a part of her group, and we caught her cheating. I suspect they may be CIA mind control victims. A man(researcher) named Stewart Swerdlow says that people who change their names to culturally inappropriate names and then say that God or some other entity gave it to them are CIA mind control victims. Batavia does this, and he would not tell us his real first or last name. He was also at one point in the military, who are known to do this. Shatki Gwain, an early law of attraction proponent, does this too. She says that “the universe” gave her her new first name. In my opinion the reason channeling is being pushed is to create a very passive population who will accept anything the government does. People who will not fight back. I love your website, thank you for getting this information out there.

September 27th, 2017 at 11:57 am

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