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So, you believe in the Law of Attraction, eh (Yes, I’m Canadian)? So you think all you have to do is “conceive it” to “receive it.” The more clever amongst you might even throw in a dash of “doing,” stating very knowingly that attraction without action delivers only a fraction. So, my friends, get out your motivational vision boards and slap this image up. The Vancouver iconic mansion Casa Mia now happens to be on the market for a mere $10.5M. Canadian that is.

Here’s the thing. If you have limited resources, a limited supply of anything, it cannot be infinitely available to anyone.

Here are the things that are limited in our universe: money, food, water and shelter. Soon clean oxygen can be added to the list. These are all things leveraged by benevolent rulers in order to control the masses.

Those who teach and propagate the “Laws” Infinite Abundance (including the likes of Oprah, T Harv Eker, ) are those who already live in a cushy state of abundance, and have figured out a way to reach into the pockets of the spiritually and financially hungry. It’s easy to speak about abundance if you’re the tallest tree in the forest (assuming, of course, that trees can speak). It’s easy to draw analogies from the strong blade of grass that pokes relentlessly through the crack in the sidewalk. It’s beyond facile to state “I put it on a vision board and voila there it be.”

But, hey, I’m just a simple woman with an opinion. Let’s put it to the test. Let each of us take these images, slap them on our vision boards, let our subconscious do all the work, and we’ll see who gets there first.

Come on. Humour me.

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