If all we had to do was “think” about it and really REALLY really want it, the why the hell haven’t we yet achieved gender equality? Surely women world-wide aren’t secretly desiring oppression? Read the rest of this entry »

I was recently challenged by a friend, who made it clear to me that she bases the control of her life on accepting that everything revolves around the choices she makes.

I’ve heard that a lot in Law of Attraction circles, and it smacks to me of blaming the victim. You wouldn’t have been raped if you didn’t wear that dress and didn’t go to that bar. Your father wouldn’t have touched you if you didn’t let it happen.

Yes, life is twisted and shaped because of our decisions. And I’m the last one to advocate blame. In fact, one-third of my book, The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman, is dedicated to accountability. Accountability, summed up, means “owning your own shit.”

Yet, there is a time in one’s life that a line must be drawn in the sand, a line that separates my choices from your actions.

Yes, I wore that dress to the bar. Yet, he’s the one who raped me.

What you did and who’s at fault are two completely different things.

Yes, I let my father continue to touch me. I was stunned into submission and since he was the authority figure in my life, I didn’t know where else to turn. Yet, he’s the one who acted out his fantasy.

What you did and who’s at fault, again, two completely different things.

I think it’s an oversimplification to say that you are responsible for everything that has happened to you as a result of your choices. It’s an easy way out for the perpetrator. It’s a camouflaged deflection of responsibility using counter-blame.

The sweet thing (and the equally frustrating thing) about human beings is our complexity. And when you hear a gross over-simplification, examine it. You might be surprised at what you find underneath.

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So if it turns out and I’m horribly wrong, and the Law of Attraction can be used to magically manifest things, perhaps we should turn our attention to the human race at large instead of the personal acquisition of so-called wealth.

Here’s my personal list of “fascinating” things gone horribly awry:

  • That we can keep on borrowing money from banks knowing that they are the biggest laundering scheme of all
  • That the health of the overall world economy depends on a lottery system called The Stock Exchange
  • That very few people realize that it’s not “things” that are taxed but the movement of money. Which is why “spending” our way out of recession is encouraged … to the benefit of government coffers (who give most of it back to banks).
  • That we keep on buying stuff made with child/slave labour in developing countries
  • That no one seems to give a shit about about carbon, which will be the ultimate death of humankind (US and esp Canada are the worst offenders, Canada having even signed on to Kyoto)
  • That men who are born of women, married to them, and father them, don’t seem horribly interested in stopping the machismo that leads to (and endorses) rape
  • That male-violence is considered a feminist issue (shouldn’t men be looking after male-violence, and women looking after women-violence?)
  • That most of the foods sold in grocery stores are processed (meat aside, the non-meat products are horribly horribly bad for you)
  • That feminists are considered anti-men
  • That corporations are dedicated to an increasing food consumption that humans are incapable of, which is why packaging gets smaller and food gets more addictive every year
  • That we have to pay MORE for chemical-free food
  • That world hunger is even an issue given the incredible surplus we have in the western world
  • That water is not considered a fundamental basic human right, but a bank-able a commodity
  • That the uprising in Bahrain was not supported world-wide
  • That we continually kill in the name of some pie-in-the-sky gods
  • That children are sold as sex commodities for the Western (dick) hunger for sex tourism
  • That the (respected) physical representation of women in media is so goddamn restrictive whereas the (respected) physical representation of men includes the mean, the fat and the ugly
  • That some people still think what others do in their bedrooms with consenting adults is any of their freakin business
  • That vibrators are still illegal in some states and guns are promoted
  • That some people think that end-of-life issues (eg euthanasia) must be dictated by some religious right
  • That women in Arabia still don’t have the right to vote
  • That date-rape drugs exist
  • That pot is illegal whereas cigarettes are legal
  • That there’s too much money in disease management, which truly prevents (by de-incentive-fying) the pharmaceuticals from find the cure
and the list goes on and on. Really, as a species, the human race is incredibly stupid. It’s rather surprising that we’ve lasted this long. Anything to add? Knock your socks off. And then think and think and think and think really freakin hard about it.

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I challenge you to watch this award winning one-hour documentary, and then tell me that the Law of Attraction is not the absolute height of Western Arrogance.

Bahrain: Shouting in the dark – Programmes – Al Jazeera English.

Is your glass half full or half empty? If you have theprivilege of time and mental space to even contemplate this vacant question, you’re living in the lap of luxury.

How not to get lost in a sense of hopelessness here. A land is not its people but its owners, be it a king or a banker. The people may have moments, but as long as the money, power and mercenaries flock to the paying wealthy owners, those who are owned are doomed.

98% of us are sleeping. Not because we don’t want to wake up, but because it’s too incredibly painful to contemplate being awake. And that allows the powers-that-be to suck our souls from us.

Law of Attraction? A goddamn laughable bone. Kind of like a lottery ticket. “Give them hope and watch them flounder.” Surpise: You’re poor. Oops. Guess you really fucked that one up. Next time, think happier thoughts. Moron.


Sweet Harmony

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Wow. Look at the harmony here.

1 James Arthur Ray sentenced to
2 years for
3 counts of negligent homicide
4 days before his
54th birthday

Harmonic Wealth? Or just plain old ordinary shit luck?


While I think it’s still somewhat on the low side, at least the man is going to jail. I hope to hell he’s counting his blessings. Yavapai County Superior Court Judge Warren Darrow sentenced Ray to two years for each victim. Sadly, the sentences are to be served concurrently (at the same time). And Ray has to repay a total of $57,000 in restitution to the three families. A pittance, I say, a pittance. Especially given that he took in half a million dollars at an imitation sweat-lodge ceremony he led at the Angel Valley Resort, near Sedona in October 2009, that killed the three victims: Kirby Brown, 38; James Shore, 40, and Liz Neuman, 49.

Read the USA Today story here, which includes a video available to those in the US. I’ll be looking for a video for the rest of us. Let me know if something becomes available on Youtube.

I don’t think this will indent the lack of integrity in the self-help industry. It will just help them better cover their asses in case of, um, accidents. And it will make sure they don’t push to the point of death. You needn’t look death in the eye in order to succeed at anything.

James, enjoy your brief stay. Convert a few convicts and help them become millionaires when they get back to the outside. Look for Jesus. Pray that the one on the inside with the homemade blue-ink tattoos on both sets of knuckles doesn’t find you. And stay the hell out of other people’s business for a while. And consider this: if you hadn’t of stalled the process as much as you did, you would have been substantially through your sentence. Instead, now, you are just at the beginning. That’s a small comfort too.

My personal hope is that the judge structured the sentence as he did to avoid appeal. And if you do appeal, maybe the new judge will change “concurrent” to “consecutive.”

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So. Tomorrow is the day. The day that James Arthur Ray receives his sentence. Sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow morning (November 18th, 2011), from 9am to 12noon, AZ time. Note that Arizona does not do the timeshift thing, so currently Arizona is on Mountain time. So for us on the West Coast, or Pacific time, tune in at 8am. Central time can tune in at 10am, and everyone else can figure it out for themselves.

Ah, Jimmy dear, will you get what you deserve? Funny. That’s probably what you are praying for right now too. Although I suspect that what you and others think you deserve wildly differ.

Here is a timeline from Wikipedia:

Ray is an advocate of the Law of Attraction; his teachings have been described as “including a mix of spirituality, motivational speaking, and quantum physics”. In an interview, Ray answered about personal responsibility, “I fully know, for me, that there is no blame. Every single thing is your responsibility … and nothing is your fault. Because every single thing that comes to you is gift … a lesson.”[2]

Concerns were raised since at least 2000 regarding the safety and soundness of his methods.[1]

According to Grant Cardone, in 2000 Ray consulted him for methods to increase sales at business seminars, and was warned to teach only sound business practices. After this time, Ray began incorporating sleep deprivation, fasting, fire and glass walking, and sweat lodge methods after studying in South America.[3]

Former attendees of Ray’s seminars have reported unsafe practices and lack of properly trained medical staff in 2005. A New Jersey woman shattered her hand after she was pressured by Ray to participate in a quasi-martial arts board-breaking exercise. After several unsuccessful untrained attempts, the woman sustained multiple fractures during the seminar that was held at Disney World.[4]

Participants of a James Ray “Spiritual Warrior” exercise in 2006, after signing waivers, were told to put the sharp point of an arrow used in archery against the soft part of their necks and lean against the tip. A man named Kurt sustained injuries during this exercise as the shaft snapped and the arrow point deeply penetrated his eyebrow.[5]

In July 2009, Colleen Conaway attended a seminar hosted by James Ray International in which the attendees were directed to dress as homeless people. She fell to her death at the Horton Plaza Mall in San Diego. She died as a result of injuries, and according to police, she had no identification on her person.[6][7]

In 2005, preceding the tragic events of October 2009, a serious injury involving hospitalization was reported at the Angel Valley Ranch during a “Spiritual Warrior” retreat led by Ray. Verde Valley Fire Chief Jerry Doerksen’s department responded to an emergency call that a 42 year old man had fallen unconscious after exercises inside the sweat-lodge.[8][9][10]

On October 8, 2009, at a New Age “Spiritual Warrior” retreat conceived and hosted by Ray at the Angel Valley Retreat Center in Yavapai County near Sedona, Arizona, two participants, James Shore and Kirby Brown, died as a result of being in a sweat lodge exercise. Eighteen others were hospitalized after suffering burns, dehydration, breathing problems, kidney failure, or elevated body temperature. Liz Neuman, another attendee, died October 17 after being comatose for a week.[11]

With the references as follows:

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Stay tuned…

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An image is worth a thousand words.

The arrogance of the LOA prescribed belief that the universe is your catalog and all you have to do is flip through the pages and then settle your mind on your order is overwhelming.

Perhaps all these kids need is to is to believe that their overly bloated bellies are full of food. That the flies in their eyes are actually visions of candy canes dancing in their heads.

Somebody should let them know how easy it really is.

Dear protesters,

If you treat the world-unifying demonstrations that you achieved on October 15th 2011 as the pinnacle of your success, the movement will fail.

What you achieved on October 15th 2011 is incredible. You achieved world-wide recognition that people are catching on to the banking scam. You achieved world-wide ratification that there is a need for your movement.

But if you treat this as a victory, you will fail.

In Victoria BC (Canada), they (being the media) estimated 1,000 people showed up. Personally, I think the numbers were higher. I was there. I know what a group of 100 people looks like. And there were more than ten such groups. By my naked eye, I would easily say that it was three times that number. Maybe four.

But it really that doesn’t matter. That’s a useless little diversion.

The population of Greater Victoria, which includes all the municipalities from Sidney to Sooke, is about 330,000. I undertook the 50 minute car-trek from Sooke, which is on the outer-edge of the community.

If we accept the media’s numbers, that means about 0.03% of the population woke up. If we accept my naked-eye witness account, we were 1%.

What this means is that the other 98% (or 98.07%) of us (ie, not bankers), are still sleeping.

Sure, we can pit our 1% against the other 1% and claim that we are equal in number.

But you know that that is not the case. You are leading a revolutionary movement. You are smarter than that. Their 1% runs the economy and the governments. Their 1% has written the laws. Their 1% prints the money. Their 1% holds all the power.

Our 1% has an opinion. It’s honest and it’s true. But that’s what it can currently be written down as. An opinion.

When I went to the demonstrations, I was shocked to see other people carrying on with their normal day-to-day details of living. Tourists, shoppers, moms walking their kids, locals doing whatever it is that locals do on a sunny Saturday in mid-October. In my mind, there was nothing more important that those demonstrations.

I personally am in despair over the state of things. I have a daughter to whom I hope to leave a life, not a state of slavery. And you and I, and the 1% on our side of the argument, know that if status quo continues, there will be nothing left for our kids. We know this because we have woken up and we have become painfully aware that there is nothing left for us. And without intervention, it will not get better.

Yes, I was shocked that my sense of urgency was not shared by many.

Yet at the demonstrations, I was again uplifted. People were getting it. People did understand the validity behind Henry Ford’s quote,

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

On October 15th, 2011, the day of your big success, only 1% of the people showed up. The other 98% stayed at home.

It is not their fault. It is their nature. Our human nature. I think that what humans want most in the world is to be left alone in peace, with enough food, safety and love to sustain us through to the end. To our individual ends.

What you and I have found to be true, the facts that have woken us up, is incredibly disturbing. Banks invent money and governments world-wide tax it. Even though each of us in the free world have the work and blood and sweat of past generations propping us up, the banks still own most of the houses on our streets. Most people don’t ask to think why that is. Most people don’t want to ask why that is. Most people intuitively know that the answer will induce despair. The same despair that made me show up. The same despair that made you lead the charge.

No, October 15th was not Victoria Day. October 15th was ratification day.

On October 15th you received world-unifying approval of your cause. Yours and mine. The opinionated cause of our 1%.

Now is not the time to pitch tents and demand that Wall Street changes its ways. If you choose to do that, you will become demonized. You will be turned into radical, paranoid conspiracy-theorists without a following. You will be turned into an image of free-loaders looking for hand-outs.

And you and I both know you are more than that.

You are leading the 1% who dared to wake up.

That’s huge. Without you, there will be no change. Without you, there will be no freedom.

Which is why what I have to say next is so incredibly important:

Your job now is to enlist the 1% to education, to wake up the sleeping masses. If we can wake up just a quarter of the population, we have enough to change the world. Maybe even 15%. Or 10%. But 1% will not be the force that brings about the change. Our 1% will be the force that educates the masses that will bring about the change.

To do this, you need to accept the fundamental concept behind successful marketing: It must not become a conversation about your product; instead, it must become a conversation, an education, about your listener’s core-life problem. About why children will never own their home even though the parents themselves are aspiring to own their own. About why the snake-oil salesmen sold them a fraudulent mortgage. About why they got laid off. About why secondary education is becoming increasing futile. About how the public education system is designed to churn out employees not entrepreneurs. About why they can only find part-time work. About why the economy of jobs was farmed out to third-world countries. About why the Jones can afford an SUV and they, while aspiring to live within their means, take the bus. About why bankruptcy is a viable option.

Explaining concepts like fractional-reserve, bailouts, housing bubble, sub-prime mortgages, collateralized debt obligations, Glass-Steagall Act, predatory lending, and shadow banking will not wake them up; it will deepen their sleep. And the mere kiss from a Prince Charming will no longer suffice, as Prince Charming belongs to the enemy camp, the other 1%. Prince Obama came close, but now he too is a puppet for the bankers.

No. It needs to be a direct infusion of personal meaning.

We are an attention-deficit people. We just want to be left alone to live our lives out comfortably. But you and I know that status quo is not an option. We both know there is no comfort in slavery. But 98% of us don’t get it. Don’t want to get it. It’s hard to get that you are a slave when you can’t even see your master. And we have to make them see.

Our work here is just beginning. On October 15th, we received world-wide ratification. Now is not the time to stamp our feet like angry little children and yell at our very VERY abusive parents that This Will Not Do.

No, now is the time to educate our siblings and the other kids on the block, to gently nudge them awake. And we can do this easily by talking about them and their problems.

We must become like the Conficker (aka Downadup) computer virus. A botnet. Invisible. Infective. Incurable. We need to work by educating each individual host, each and every person. Talking to and with them, not at them.

Remember, the offending 1% has all the money in the world, the governments, and the law on their side. This newly-awakened 1% has only knowledge and truth. Without the other 98%, knowledge and truth will become distorted into conspiracy-theorists.

We can’t afford to let this happen.


Can you help?

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I’m calling on you to answer a very short six-question survey for me.

It’s a marketing research questionnaire that will help me set up an educational resource for people in financial distress. Many of whom, like myself, bilked by the self-help industry. Please take two minutes to answer the six short question in this survey.

Thanks folks!