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Came across this brilliant post today. A fellow by the name of Joel Comm posted an article on his blog called “The Law of Attraction is Nonsense.” My kind of guy: cuts to the chase, straight up and to the point.

Check it out here.

Comm talks about some serious flaws in logic, including the “blame the victim” mentality for rape. And he discusses the absurdity of the whole scam.

Dave Lakhani commented. He’s a voice worth listening to. He understands marketing very well, and is an incredibly insightful man. His comments to Joel’s article are included here as they are worth weeding out (Joel Comm “attracted” a tonnes of responses):

Great piece Joel.

There are so many things wrong with the Law of Attraction and The Secret that it would take more than a book to explain it all. I did a call with a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a movie producer and we discussed how people are bamboozled by a movie like The Secret, if you want to check it out, the interview is at thetruthisthesecret.com

Not only have things like the Emoto water crystal studies been disproven again and again, even the good doctor himself won’t agree to recreating them under proper scientific conditions.

Ditto for prayer by the way, all the of the studies that are reported by TM and Christians turn out to be flawed, when the data is scientifically tested and validated it turns out that there is either no change or a negative change (in the case of the TM study, crime actually went up).

The biggest reason that people think the law of attraction, prayer and most other forms of belief works is a not so simple part of our brain called the reticular activating system. To simplify it, we tend to notice more of what we focus on. So until you buy the blue BMW you don’t tend to notice them everywhere, the minute you buy it you see them everywhere. We are also well conditioned to look for ways to support our beliefs. If you want to know how people really are, don’t ask them about their beliefs, look at their behaviors, people’s behaviors are their beliefs.

I offered a huge cash challenge if anyone in the Secret would agree to live in a hermetically sealed bubble and attract a drink of water, a dollar or a bite of food, they can’t do it. [brilliant! says britt]

Great that you are putting this kind of info out for your readers, you’ll help save a lot of people who are on the fence . . . and it won’t change a thing for the unconvertable, they’ll always see what they want to see and find ways that it is true for them in the face of the truth.

Dave Lakhani
Author: Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want & Subliminal Persuasion: Influence and Marketing Techniques They Don’t Want You To Know

Lakhani’s blog is also well worth a read.

Also, on Lakhini’s blog is a link to a conversation with a group of high profile marketers talking about the movie, The Secret. It’s two hours long, and well worth the listen.

Download The Secret Call With Lakhani, Hogan & Warren Here
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