Is it a Law?

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On the fantastic site of Lord Matt is an article questioning the logic of the name, “Law of Attraction.”

In brief, he makes these points of the flaw in logic on the name, Law of Attraction or LOA as it has become to be known.

  1. A law is either enforced by a governing body (criminal law, civil law, etc) or it is an immutable fact (at least here on earth, like gravity). As such, it is not something that you could choose to deny even if you wanted. According the to terminology, if I think I shall be rich, I shall be rich. There should be no safety lag time between those two points as claimed in the movie, The Secret. The apple falls, and I get my wish.
  2. It’s for sale. If it’s not working for you, it must be you. And I have the answer, right here, I wrote it down. You can look if you pay me exorbitant amounts of money. And if you still don’t get it, then it’s still you.
  3. It’s a Resurrection of hippie speak for “hey, mannn, YOU are god.”
  4. It does work. If you’re selling the idea to others. Where the buck stops, nobody knows. But stop it will.
  5. It plays nicely on human greed AND laziness. You can have it if you can only learn how to think right. You can be rich, be thin, be eternally young forever. Peter Pan.
  6. It conveniently works with our fears too. If you fear it, it too will come to pass. But, look, over there waaaay off in the distance is a chap who has no fears AND made millions and is skinny and eternally young. And if he did it, so too can you.
  7. Cause and effect come as a result of pure mental effort.

Think, dammit, think. Just think right. Okay?

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