Here’s a YouTube video called “The Powers of Ten.”

Watch it, and try to hold old to that misguided Law of Attraction” philosophy (or “Law”) that the world was created for you. We are but a spec of dust my friends. A magnificently irrelevant spec.

And the most fascinating part is that when you travel into that spec, entire new universes unfold.

Our so-called consciousness is only paper-thin. We cannot take in what is beyond us, just like we cannot take in what is within us.

It is the height of arrogance to think that everything exists solely for one rice-paper-thin sheet in the gigantic volume known as the universe.

We can’t even respectfully use our resources that measure only one kilometer high and one kilometer low in a sustainable fashion; we deplete the earth’s resources 25% faster than it can regenerate them. We shamelessly slaughter human kind in the name of religion. We watch mass murderers slaughter others in the name of themselves (and, yes, as Vancouver Eastside will readily attest, we watch). We stand by as other nations cut off women’s noses and ears for deigning to leave their captors (husband and his family). We let full grown adults enlist armies of children and stand at a polite distance in the name of politics. We invent the concept of money and then become slaves to it. We create governments to guide us, and then bow in servitude.

Image, the power of 10 only forty times, and all of this, yes, even you and me, all of this becomes insignificant.


Just after writing this entry, a friend (yes, one who believes in the LAO) posted the following video. She finds comfort in this, so I’m not about to crash down on her house. But it irks me how much we anthropomorphize (give human characteristics to) the entire universe. It’s as though we were to pick up a spec of dust and define ourselves by the characteristics of this spec of dust. Heck, we kill a mosquito without giving it a second thought. That’s how much we value life that is not ours.

And another thing … while I’m ranting about this video … notice how the colour blue dominates? That is exactly what is wrong. The only reason why we see blue is because the sun is reflecting off of the moisture in our air. There is no blue sky that surrounds us. In fact, if you zoom out beyond the paper-thin layer of our existence (say, the power of 10 forty times), you’ll see only vast emptiness periodically interrupted by the shining of a star.  And each star will one day vanish. Leaving only emptiness in its wake. Not a rainbow. Not a blue sky. Not an English speaking God. Nothing.

(Which isn’t to say that our lives are futile. That’s not what I’m saying. Indeed, we’re lucky to have it. Let’s just put it into perspective.)

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Well done!

That’s what used to upset me the most about The Secret – the aggressive pig-ignorance that reduces the entire universe to a cartoon-like get rich quick scheme. (Of course, killing people and trying to cover up the evidence upsets me rather more.)

It’s also worth noting that the video only took us out 10 million light years from the earth, leaving another 13.39 billion light years unexplored. That doesn’t even count as being a tiny fraction of it.

One might also point out that going into the atom, it barely scraped the surface of the tiny distances involved in events described by quantum theory, that bizarre force which these crooks claim can create parking spaces, heal cancer and help you get laid.

It’s all a rather grotesque and absurd parody of science.

Keep up the good work, Britt!

October 21st, 2010 at 1:21 pm

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