So if it turns out and I’m horribly wrong, and the Law of Attraction can be used to magically manifest things, perhaps we should turn our attention to the human race at large instead of the personal acquisition of so-called wealth.

Here’s my personal list of “fascinating” things gone horribly awry:

  • That we can keep on borrowing money from banks knowing that they are the biggest laundering scheme of all
  • That the health of the overall world economy depends on a lottery system called The Stock Exchange
  • That very few people realize that it’s not “things” that are taxed but the movement of money. Which is why “spending” our way out of recession is encouraged … to the benefit of government coffers (who give most of it back to banks).
  • That we keep on buying stuff made with child/slave labour in developing countries
  • That no one seems to give a shit about about carbon, which will be the ultimate death of humankind (US and esp Canada are the worst offenders, Canada having even signed on to Kyoto)
  • That men who are born of women, married to them, and father them, don’t seem horribly interested in stopping the machismo that leads to (and endorses) rape
  • That male-violence is considered a feminist issue (shouldn’t men be looking after male-violence, and women looking after women-violence?)
  • That most of the foods sold in grocery stores are processed (meat aside, the non-meat products are horribly horribly bad for you)
  • That feminists are considered anti-men
  • That corporations are dedicated to an increasing food consumption that humans are incapable of, which is why packaging gets smaller and food gets more addictive every year
  • That we have to pay MORE for chemical-free food
  • That world hunger is even an issue given the incredible surplus we have in the western world
  • That water is not considered a fundamental basic human right, but a bank-able a commodity
  • That the uprising in Bahrain was not supported world-wide
  • That we continually kill in the name of some pie-in-the-sky gods
  • That children are sold as sex commodities for the Western (dick) hunger for sex tourism
  • That the (respected) physical representation of women in media is so goddamn restrictive whereas the (respected) physical representation of men includes the mean, the fat and the ugly
  • That some people still think what others do in their bedrooms with consenting adults is any of their freakin business
  • That vibrators are still illegal in some states and guns are promoted
  • That some people think that end-of-life issues (eg euthanasia) must be dictated by some religious right
  • That women in Arabia still don’t have the right to vote
  • That date-rape drugs exist
  • That pot is illegal whereas cigarettes are legal
  • That there’s too much money in disease management, which truly prevents (by de-incentive-fying) the pharmaceuticals from find the cure
and the list goes on and on. Really, as a species, the human race is incredibly stupid. It’s rather surprising that we’ve lasted this long. Anything to add? Knock your socks off. And then think and think and think and think really freakin hard about it.

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One of the most brilliant posts I have ever read. Wonderful! I invite you to read my other post on this date. People like you MUST step forwrd by choosing careers in law and especially politics where women muct become the majority or men will continue to sink the world with stupidity and ego. If a benign person like Hilary Clinton can be Secretary of State, why cant most women hold most of the minor posts all over the country and in fact ALL 1st world countries? My feeling why is because women are afraid to be called bad mothers. Hilary is not. We gotta fix that. War really could end if we actually had the head of the United Nations run by a woman as well as the 5 most powerful country. We could “lock” the world into democracy and equal rights, like it or not. Sorry but most people are not mentally competent enough to make choices for their own good or are to afraid. How do we fix that problem? I am a man and believe women must take back the reins and make this a matriarcal society. I for one would be proud to go back to a society where it really was “Women and children first.” You dont even hear that any more.

January 22nd, 2012 at 3:45 pm

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