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The “Law of Attraction” has, um, attracted many famous mouthpieces. The most famous by far would be Empress O Herself, whose lips have launched the careers of many of those famous gurus featured in The Secret. Including James Arthur Ray, Jack Canfield, Reverend Michael Beckwith and the like. And, of course, Rhonda Byrne, author of this finely lifted work.

I think this is the most horrific actualization of the Emperor’s New Clothes. We’re all so darned busy nodding our heads and softly murmuring about Her fine philosophies of God, pasting thin smiles on our faces lest we be struck by the mainstays of life (like suffering and death), that no one dares to point out that she is naked.

In the American Declaration of Independence it is written that man (sic) has the inalienable right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This line is actually lifted from the British John Locke’s 1690 document, the  “Second Treaty of Civil Government” where he claimed that every man (sic) was entitled to “life, liberty and property.”

The American Dream born from this concept where property, or more broadly, the possession of stuff, is the path to happiness. We’ve become so frenzied with that notion of happiness that it’s become almost like a new religion (actually, it’s two newish-old ones, the Church of New Thought merged with Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science).

And what do all it’s Preachers preach?

That good thoughts lead to money which in turn brings you happiness which is your God-given right as a human being. And yes, God lurks heavily in their gospel, but as a by-product of wealth.

And so we’re all busy paying the gurus, I mean Preachers, so that we can learn how to “think the right thoughts” so that we can earn our money and find our way to God Himself (sic). Meanwhile, we’re doing nothing to make the world a better place to live.

We’re smiling ourselves to death, kidding ourselves about the stylish mantle of success they have us believe they are wearing (isn’t it a little suspicious that each of them teaches the cornerstone of deception by encouraging everyone to walk the walk and talk the talk, to act “as if” even before they’ve achieved their goal? doesn’t that smack of a lack of integrity?). And when we find ourselves thinking critically — I mean negatively — we silent smack our souls back into place and smile. Stupidly.

I for one am stepping away from the admiring masses throwing money at the gurus as they parade naked down the street. I am in good company (see the blogroll). We’re a small group, but we’re wise.

James Arthur Ray is showing his true colours these days. Accountability? None, it’s the poisonous fumes in the sand.

But we don’t need the deaths of people to reveal the truth here folks. Just an open eye and a child that points out that the Emperor is indeed naked.

I just read an interesting blog calling on Oprah to step up to her plate so-to-speak and explain her 2007 endorsement of James Arthur Ray. I’ll bet my socks (not that anyone would want them) that that ain’t gonna happen.

I’m personally very surprised at the entire industry’s silence on the issue, not just Oprah’s. Jack Canfield teaches what T. Harv Eker teaches, who teaches what James Arthur Ray teaches, who teaches what Bill Bartmann teaches, who teaches what … well, you get the picture here.

As an industry-in-cahoots, it appears that each is stepping away from the chastised and diseased child, and are quietly continuing plying open the wallets of those looking for a better way. Sure, they’re probably continuing with their firewalks, sword-to-the-throat, here’s-the-the-homeless and board breaking exercises, but you can bet your sweet bottom that they have the proper disclaimers and medical staff on hand these days. One man pays the price and the others now better know how to cover their own butts.

While Oprah isn’t in bed with industry, I do think she’s the one who gave them the gilded bed to begin with. (Yes, I realize I’m loosing my own chance of appearing on Oprah but I’m okay with that. Oddly enough.)

I think looking to Oprah is like looking to the Pope to explain the sex scandals rocking the pulpit: it ain’t gonna happen my friends. It’s over to bloggers like us!


Oral Roberts dies at 91

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Oral Roberts died today of complications to pneumonia. He was 91. He’s the guy with the spiritual hands that could heal, and people would line up in droves to be touched by the man.

I don’t know that much about him (except for a vague memory of him in the 80’s where he said that he needs to fundraise several million dollars or else God would strike him dead). A blogger by the name of Karen Spears Zacharias has a very educational and entertaining article on Roberts. Following is the start of her article:

How Big is Your Mansion

I learned of the death of Oral Roberts through a Twitter post that said: “Celebrating with Oral Roberts as he came face to face with Jesus. Your mansion is sooooo big. I’m sure of it!”The news was jarring. Not that Oral Roberts was dead at age 91, though, I imagine for those who loved him his passing on to Glory was still very hard. What troubled me was the remark about the size of Roberts’s mansion.

Up until Roberts died and I read that stupid tweet, I never gave a second-thought to the real estate market in heaven. I just assumed we’d all get an equal share of prime property. Surely God knows me well enough by now to know that in order for me to be eternally happy I need a piece of beachfront property.

Read her blog for more information here.


On Adyashanti

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Adyashanti, born Steven Gray, is a fellow from San Francisco who is a spiritual teacher. He studies zen for 14 years, and experienced the grand “awakening” or as it is called by some, “liberation.”

This fellow is fascinating to listen to, and I strongly encourage it. Some of the key things I like about his message:

  • He veers away from the charismatic super-star teacher role that so many “self-help gurus” liken themselves to
  • He says liberation is not at all perpetual euphoric bliss that so many seem to be seeking
  • In his experience, when you let go and awaken, you’ll know that it was always there
  • There is no you, there is no attachment to your own genius,
  • The harder you look for it, the more elusive it will be (“the seeker is always seeking, as that is what seekers do”)

Adyashanti means is a Sanscrit word meaning, “primordial peace.” If you listen to him, you’ll get that.

Here’s a short quip from his website from a page entitled “Selling Water by the River”:

The funny thing about enlightenment is that when it is authentic, there is no one to claim it. Enlightenment is very ordinary; it is nothing special. Rather than making you more special, it is going to make you less special. It plants you right in the center of a wonderful humility and innocence. Everyone else may or may not call you enlightened, but when you are enlightened the whole notion of enlightenment and someone who is enlightened is a big joke. I use the word enlightenment all the time—not to point you toward it but to point you beyond it. Do not get stuck in enlightenment.

If you’re looking for fame, riches and fortune, enlightenment is not your path. If you’re looking for fame, riches and fortune, perhaps you can in-authentically teach enlightenment in the footsteps of other such gurus. But you probably won’t get there like that.

See the Wikipedia page and for more information on this fellow.


Tony Parsons – a recent video

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Just stumbled upon this, 43 minute video of him in conversation, on

It looks like one of the hardest interviews the interviewer ever had to do, as the ground rules were completely shaken up.

Tony Parsons turns “seeking” on it’s head. After all, that what’s most of us are doing when we attend guru-led events. Interesting that when you go to Tony Parsons website. There’s the book sales. There are the 3 hour open discussions, going for £10.00 and an afternoon with Tony for £15.00, which is limited to 35 people. Costs for weekend meetings is 80 Euros.

What the heck? There’s no multi-thousand dollar event. (Nevermind that, there’s also no guru … but watch the video first and you’ll know what I mean. Then, be sure to visit his website, where there’s other information — for free).

The following quote is from Tony Parsons, as noted by a woman by the name of Janaki, a woman from the Netherlands who worked for decades with Byron Katie. It’s a rather long document, and you can find it here.

On page 44 of her document, you’ll find the following quote from Tony Parsons.

Quote from The Open Secret by Tony Parsons.

I used to believe that people actually became enlightened, and that the event was similar to someone winning the jackpot in a national lottery. Once the price had been won, the beneficiary would thereafter be guaranteed permanent bliss, infallibility and incorruptible goodness.

In my ignorance, I thought these people had obtained and owned something that made them special and totally different from me. This illusory idea reinforced in me the belief that enlightenment was virtually unobtainable except for an extraordinary and chosen few. These misconceptions sprang from some image I held of how a state of perfection should look. I was not yet able to see that enlightenment has nothing to do with the idea of perfection.

These beliefs were greatly strengthened when I compared my imagined inadequacies with the picture I held of whichever ‘spiritual hero’ I happened to be attracted to at the time.

I feel that most people see enlightenment in a similar way.

Certainly there have been, and still are, many who seek to encourage such beliefs and who have actually claimed to have become enlightened. I now see that this is as pointless a declaration as someone proclaiming to the world that they can breathe.

Essentially the realization of enlightenment brings with it the sudden comprehension that there is no one and nothing to be enlightened. Enlightenment simply is. It cannot be owned, just as it cannot be achieved or won like some trophy. All and everything is oneness, and all that we do gets in its way by trying to find it.

Those who make claims of enlightenment or take certain stances have simply not realized its paradoxical nature and presume ownership of a state they imagine they have achieved. They are likely to have had a deep personal experience of some kind, but this bears absolutely no relationship to liberation. Consequently, they still remain locked in their own individual concepts based on their own particular belief systems.

These people often need to take on the role of ‘spiritual teachers’ or ‘enlightened masters’ and inevitably attract those who need to be students or disciples. Their teaching, still rooted in dualism, inevitably promotes a schism between the ‘teacher’ and those who choose to follow the teaching. As the following increases, so does the exclusive role for the master need to be enhanced.

One of the usual symptoms, when such a role has been adopted, is a clampdown of any admission or sign of ‘human weakness’. This condition usually creates distance between the ‘master’ and his or her followers. As the specialness of the ‘master’ becomes more effective, and the demands of the followers become greater, so invariably do the teachings become more obscure and convoluted. As the obscurity of the teaching increases, so does the schism get wider, and many of the followers often become more confused and submissive. The usual effect on those involved can be unquestioning adulation, disillusionment, or an awakening and moving on.

However, these kinds of influences have established and maintained an illusory sense of doubt and inadequacy in the collective unconscious about people’s ability to open to and realize something that is as natural, simple and available as breathing.

Those who have fully comprehended and embraced liberation have absolutely nothing to sell. When they share their understanding, they have no need to embellish themselves or what they share. Neither do they have any interest in being mothers, fathers or teachers. Exclusivity breeds exclusion, but freedom is shared through friendship.