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Since cancelling my subscription to the law of attraction, the most beautiful thing about it is that I can take names in vain (if only to myself … I still subscribe to the school of No Gossip).

I can go back to my own personal integrity of speaking to those people I like and not having to bother with those who I don’t. Practice kindness to all, and if I can’t say anything nice, I don’t have to say anything at all. No more false smiles, no more falsely engaging conversations. No more trying to like everyone because if I think badly of someone it’s bound to come back to me. In essence, that way of thinking is basing kindness of selfishness and fear. Now, I can go back to engaging with people I like. It’s simple. Again.

Funny thing is this: There is no lightening bolt.

Whew! I’m liking it.

I just read an interesting blog calling on Oprah to step up to her plate so-to-speak and explain her 2007 endorsement of James Arthur Ray. I’ll bet my socks (not that anyone would want them) that that ain’t gonna happen.

I’m personally very surprised at the entire industry’s silence on the issue, not just Oprah’s. Jack Canfield teaches what T. Harv Eker teaches, who teaches what James Arthur Ray teaches, who teaches what Bill Bartmann teaches, who teaches what … well, you get the picture here.

As an industry-in-cahoots, it appears that each is stepping away from the chastised and diseased child, and are quietly continuing plying open the wallets of those looking for a better way. Sure, they’re probably continuing with their firewalks, sword-to-the-throat, here’s-the-the-homeless and board breaking exercises, but you can bet your sweet bottom that they have the proper disclaimers and medical staff on hand these days. One man pays the price and the others now better know how to cover their own butts.

While Oprah isn’t in bed with industry, I do think she’s the one who gave them the gilded bed to begin with. (Yes, I realize I’m loosing my own chance of appearing on Oprah but I’m okay with that. Oddly enough.)

I think looking to Oprah is like looking to the Pope to explain the sex scandals rocking the pulpit: it ain’t gonna happen my friends. It’s over to bloggers like us!

I’ve just found and added this blog to my general resources. The articles are in-depth and insightful. Steve, the blogger, also has a Guru Watch link section at the bottom right hand side of his page. He’s done a lot of research. Check him out!


Is it a Law?

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On the fantastic site of Lord Matt is an article questioning the logic of the name, “Law of Attraction.”

In brief, he makes these points of the flaw in logic on the name, Law of Attraction or LOA as it has become to be known.

  1. A law is either enforced by a governing body (criminal law, civil law, etc) or it is an immutable fact (at least here on earth, like gravity). As such, it is not something that you could choose to deny even if you wanted. According the to terminology, if I think I shall be rich, I shall be rich. There should be no safety lag time between those two points as claimed in the movie, The Secret. The apple falls, and I get my wish.
  2. It’s for sale. If it’s not working for you, it must be you. And I have the answer, right here, I wrote it down. You can look if you pay me exorbitant amounts of money. And if you still don’t get it, then it’s still you.
  3. It’s a Resurrection of hippie speak for “hey, mannn, YOU are god.”
  4. It does work. If you’re selling the idea to others. Where the buck stops, nobody knows. But stop it will.
  5. It plays nicely on human greed AND laziness. You can have it if you can only learn how to think right. You can be rich, be thin, be eternally young forever. Peter Pan.
  6. It conveniently works with our fears too. If you fear it, it too will come to pass. But, look, over there waaaay off in the distance is a chap who has no fears AND made millions and is skinny and eternally young. And if he did it, so too can you.
  7. Cause and effect come as a result of pure mental effort.

Think, dammit, think. Just think right. Okay?



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In 2006, I took a financial education course that impacted my outlook in life.The course was offered by a woman whose husband I had known for about 8 years at the time (a man who I admired and learned from), and I was very familiar with their financial situation. They had left the country, in a few short years came with enough assets to call themselves millionaires. This woman, the wife of my good friend, was committed to sharing her knowledge. A noble cause indeed. This woman met and partnered with a fellow who was equally committed to teaching alternative financial techniques.

I had not heard the phrase “Law of Attraction” at the time. What I learned on the course made sense to me, and so I applied what I had learned. The people who gave the course were genuinely well intentioned, had insider information on certain techniques, and had a business that provided the means to apply the learning. And they were both living examples of what can be achieved.

I quickly became on of the success stories of the course, having not just received the information but full-on acted upon it as well. Things were going well.

Eventually, through this same group of people, I was exposed to the movie The Secret and the concept of The Law of Attraction.

Slowly, one investment after another failed, until I reached the point of realization that almost everything I had applied through this company was not going to pan out. About half a year ago, I was at the brink of bankruptcy. They had acted as advisor up until this point, and so, naturally, I consulted with them. Their response? Envy, that I had the privilege, the opportunity of facing this prospect! That’s when my head spun around.

Three years since the course, I have come to the realization that I was taught (and led) by people who strongly subscribed to the Law of Attraction. They hold the philosophy that if you can just persist long enough, and if you can just “keep the faith” it will all work out in the long run. Sure, perhaps if I had access to an infinite flow of money! Meanwhile, in following the advice of those I believed were solidly in-the-know, my financial affairs are in ruin.

I’m a fairly smart woman, and that I have been “had” like this causes me tremendous embarrassment, it’s a shame that runs deep. Further, I’ve recommended this course to others. None with results as disastrous as mine, though, I’m oddly pleased to report.

The point of this blog is to provide information. Those who are obvious teachers of the Law of Attraction are easy enough to spot, because of the spotlight around the phrase. What’s less obvious are those who have learned from the gurus who then become the sub-teachers. They teach their particular area of specialization, and thread in the Law of Attraction stuff, without telling you. Probably without awareness of it themselves.

I don’t think I was maliciously had. Yes, I was taken to the cleaners. And yes, the intentions of my “teachers” were all well and good. But now that I have become somewhat more fully versed in the Law of Attraction (and almost succumbed to becoming a sub-teacher myself), I know what to look for, and what to avoid.

Knowledge truly is the only route to awareness. And the more teachers you have, the more you know.

This site will discuss some some of the gurus. It will discuss cults in general. It will discuss faith, beliefs, and religions. I do not hold the definitive view on anything. That’s why I present this information in the format of an interactive blog, with access not restricted by membership. That’s why I invite all conversation, wherever you stand.

Welcome to my rants, and perhaps it will add to your journey as well.