Here’s a different take on the whole James Arthur Ray fiasco. Buckle up, and prepare for the roller coaster ride contained within these three consecutive YouTube videos.

First Video

Second Video

Third Video

At one point, Sheila, the “Astrologists Astrologer” says that the cheaters were the winners (they were, apparently, sneaking fluids). When here, it sounds like she’s sympathetic to the victims. In the second video she says that all the people were spiritually connected and they were destined to be there (and apparently to die).

Is she suggesting that perhaps James Arthur Ray should have first consulted his oracle, and then changed where the door was on the sweat lodge that all would have been well???? And at another point in the second clip, she uses J.A.R.’s comment that what you focus on expands, and because he focused on being Christ-like, he too will be prosecuted and fall. So what? The same applies to all priests, ministers, etc???

On the third clip she refers to those who died as those who “transcended.” That’s just woo-woo spin as far as I’m concerned. They died. End of sentence. End of person. End of Life. Period.

While I’m sure that this astrologist is in her full integrity, the message lacks clarity. I’m never quite sure what she’s advocating. Go see your astrologist? Don’t have a God complex? It’s not his fault as the universe was all in alignment for this to happen? It’s okay to cheat? That the Law of Attraction is all good and well, and that J.A.R. just got too carried away?

If anyone can shed light on the matter, I’d sure appreciate it.

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