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Britt Santowski

Britt Santowski

Britt is an author, a workshop facilitator and a consultant. Her current book, The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman, will be released in June 2010. Watch for it.

She is passionate about providing good counsel first and foremost to women, and secondly to anyone who will listen.

In 2006, Britt took a course that changed her life. It gave her new insights, and new understandings. Initially, she presupposed it was for the better. She implicitly trusted her teachers, having known one of the two for close to a decade at the time. In 2009, while writing her book and processing her thoughts, she had what some would call an “awakening.” She realized that she had been had. And it did not come without ramifications. Serious ramifications.

The people from whom Britt took the course were well intentioned. They were good people determined to set the world right, and to let the general public access the wealth to which they were all entitled to. Their hearts were in the right places. But their minds weren’t. For the instructors and the company behind the instructors were (and still are) strong proponents of the so-called law of attraction.

The recent events with James Arthur Ray (three people died in October, 2009, at one of his sweat lodge retreats) got Britt researching deeper into what is known as LGATs, or Large Group Awareness Training. She started looking deeper into the teaching techniques, and noticed direct overlays in style among certain gurus, including James Arthur Ray, T. Harv Eker and Anthony Robbins.

This blog represents the process of her findings and will take you through her journey of online research. Feel free to contribute your thoughts, whether in support or not. She doesn’t believe there’s a line in the sand that is arbitrarily drawn between right and wrong. But she does believe, contrary to the Law of Attraction proponents, that you MUST consider the negative alongside the positive in order to have a balanced view, in order to draw YOUR line in the sand.