This is from DesteniProductions, on “THE SECRET HISTORY OF LAW OF ATTRACTION.” By Darryl Thomas

Do you have an hour? I got through the first 10 and will be looking at the others later. Just goes to show there is nothing new under the sun, including Law of Attraction.

Part 1: Magical Attraction
27 November 2009

Part 2: Early Accounts of the Law of Attraction

Part 3: The Divine Mind

Part 4: Alchemy and Medieval Magic

Part 5: The Divine Man

Part 6: Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine

Part 7: The Mind Cure Movement

Enter Napoleon Hill

Part 8: Cosmic Fire and Universal Substance

Part 9: The New Age Movement
Mention of James Arthur Ray

Part 10: Hinduism Part 1
Hinduism and The Secret History of The Law of Attraction

Part 11: Hinduism Part 2

Part 12: Hinduism Part 3

Part 13: Hinduism Part 4
Trantric Sex

Part 14: Hinduism Part 5

Part 15: Hinduism Part 5

Part 16: Hinduism Part 7

Part 17: East Meets West

Part 18

Part 19

Part 20: 20th Century Gurus of the Law of Attraction

Part 21: The Laws of Manu

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