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Robert Kiyosaki under the Canadian Gaze

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CBC’s Marketplace (Canadian Television) just did a secret video recording of one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Get-Rich-in-ReaEstate seminars. The short version is this: Go to a two-hour free info seminar and get sold a three-day seminar for only $1,000 BUT if you sign up in the next two hours it’s only $500. At the three-day seminar event, from the get-go you are told that there’s is NO WAY that you can ever learn all real estate trade secrets, and that if you are really and truly committed to your wealth (and you’re a loser if your not) you can expect to spend anywhere from $12,000 to $45,000 in the Kiyosaki educational system. Then, still in day one, you are challenged (and remember only winners take quick and decisive action) to call your credit card company and increase your spending limit to $100,000. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to ask.

Here’s a link to the video.

Turns out that Kiyosaki contracted out to a Florida-based company previously known as the Whitney Information Network. Apparently, they’re a dubious post-secondary Wealth Eduction institute, with a string of complaints in their past. In his interview with Marketplace, Kiyosaki says he’s not happy with the licensing agreement. It is also pointed out that were he indeed a savvy businessman, getting out of a contract would not be the world’s most challenging task.

It’s consumer beware folks. I’m sure that Kiyosaki’s information has helped some people make money. I remember one such get-rich-if-you-believe-dude touting on Facebook that he had one fellow come up to him after a presentation in front of several hundred with the “good news” that he followed the strategies and did indeed increase his income ten-fold over the past 10 years. Based on the energy and the absolute positive faith these gurus spout in their fail-proof methods, I would expect hoards of people to run up to shake this man’s hand. But no, he was proud of just the one positive report.

Many people I know have attended these types of seminars. Those who tend to make money from their learnings are in fact re-teaching what they have learned in these seminars. If you’re in this circuit, you will quickly learn that there are common teachings amongst all these gurus. There is no one key holder. They all make it up and spin it. And those who pick up the pulpit and preach it have learned this. And are getting their money back the only way they know how. By furthering the spin.

Since the James Arthur Ray fiasco, expect these gurus to be more under the media lens. It makes for good coverage.

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